8 Responses to “Banshee In Natty To Ship Multiple Stores And Contribute To GNOME Foundation”

  1. Federico Lucifredi Says:

    I believe openSUSE and other projects presently shipping Banshee without reworking the built-in codes contribute 100% of revenue received from the Amazon store to the Gnome foundation.

    Just to clarify what the baseline of the existing situation is, since it was not in your article.

    Best -F

  2. lestibournes Says:

    @Federico Lucifredi:
    Except that Canonical already has a competing service and including Banshee’s Amazon store is going to cut into existing Canonical revenue. Non of the options are pretty, but this is the most beneficial option they can offer GNOME that has a chance of not hurting Canonical.

  3. valentin Says:

    How nice. I wonder why they developed that . And now that they did it why don’t they make it better so that it will be able to really compete. I think that is the real fear here … that Ubuntu 1 ain’t as good as the amazon store. I just hope that this will teach them to stop reinventing wheals.
    I actually want canonical to get hurt for bad investments.

  4. Mahou Saru Says:

    I believe that the Red Cross doesn’t charge for any medical services…

    Canonical can’t ever win can they!

  5. Robert Foss Says:

    That is pretty evil, in the google sense of the word.

  6. Harlan Sanders Says:

    How about you guys make this article more accurate and share with the class how the original banshee gave 100% to the Gnome Foundation… Wouldn’t want to tell a lie of omission now would we? This is exactly why I use straight Debian… This kind of crap.

  7. hanzz Says:

    it’s good to read that canonical also thinks about genereating revenue – Canonical gives us so much with Ubuntu and we all are using it for free – but nobody can expect a Company behind a great product NOT also thinking about revenues – this is what saves the future of the Company and the product.

    I can’t understand your complaints at all …

  8. Arlan Spool Says:

    oh, please. Robbing $35k from a non-for-profit is not “thinking about revenue”, it is simply plain idiocy.

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