Ubuntu Developer Summit Sponsorship Now Open

The Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS) is the most important event in the Ubuntu calendar. It is where we get together to discuss, design, and plan the next version of Ubuntu; in this case the Ubuntu 11.10 release.

The next UDS takes place at Corinthia Grand Hotel, Budapest, Hungary from the 9th – 13th May 2011. You can find out more about why UDS is interesting from the perspective of a member of the community, an upstream contributor, and a vendor. We also welcome everyone to participate remotely if you can’t attend the event in person. More more details on how to get there, see this page.

At the heart of a great UDS is a diverse group of attendees who can bring their experience and expertise to the discussions. You don’t have to be technical, or be a programmer or packager to attend – UDS is open to everyone (including non-Ubuntu folks) and free to attend. We encourage everyone with an interest in Ubuntu to attend.


For every UDS Canonical sponsors the hotel and accommodation of a set of community members to ensure they are free to contribute and bring value to the discussions. We have a limited budget so we can’t sponsor everyone, but we are always keen to have a capable and diverse group to sponsor:

  • We strive to support community members who are actively involved in Ubuntu and who are providing significant and sustained contributions to the Ubuntu project.
  • We always welcome Upstream contributors who are bring value to Ubuntu indirectly via active participation in their upstream project, but who are keen to see quality support for that upstream in Ubuntu.
  • Contributors are willing to actively participate not only throughout the full Ubuntu Developer Summit week, but also following with active contributions throughout the release cycle.
  • We are always keen to welcome members of the community who have never been to UDS before and are keen to participate and experience the event.
  • You don’t have to provide technical contributions to apply – if you have participated in the areas of advocacy, documentation, testing, art, design etc, you are encouraged to apply.
  • UDS is an event that encourages diversity – we welcome everyone to apply for sponsorship, irrespective of gender, race, impairment, technical expertise, or other factors.

If you are participating in the Ubuntu community, we would love you to apply for sponsorship. This is how it works:

  1. You can apply for sponsorship by following these instructions. Apologies for the different forms you need to fill in – we are going to consolidate these forms at the next UDS. The deadline for submissions is 29th March 2011 so be sure to get yours in!
  2. When the deadline is reached we will assess the applications and finalize who we will be able to sponsor.
  3. You will then receive an email outlining whether we can sponsor you or not.

Simple! I look forward to seeing your applications, and seeing many of you in Budapest!

Building A Diverse Ubuntu Developer Summit

For the this UDS we have set out with a goal to promote an even more diverse and welcoming environment. We have been working with the Ubuntu Women and Ubuntu Accessibility teams to optimize UDS as a great example of diversity done right at an event.

As part of this, the Ubuntu Women team are engaging in an outreach campaign to encourage more women to apply for sponsorship at UDS. We would like to see a greater attendance and participation of women at UDS (not only sponsored, but local attendees too), and the Ubuntu Women team will be reaching out to encourage women to apply for sponsorship and attend.

As part of this work, the Ubuntu Women team are providing mentoring, help and assistance for women who want to apply for sponsorship and ensure they submit the best sponsorship application that they can. To find out more how to use this service, click here.

Thanks also to the Ubuntu Accessibility team for helping us to ensure accessibility needs are factored into the many different elements of the event.

Originally posted here by Jono Bacon on February 23, 2011.

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