Monthly Archives: November 2006

Ubuntu Open Week

Recently Jono Bacon has been working with the community to build up a collection IRC tutorial sessions called the Ubuntu Open Week. The aim of the week is to help those who would like to contribute to Ubuntu to ease themselves into the community and get started. The week takes place between Mon 27th Nov […]

Jono Bacon interviewed by BehindUbuntu

Just what is Ubuntu's Community Manager hiding behind that beard? Find out in BehindUbuntu's revealing interview with our very own man of metal, Jono Bacon. Learn of his love for Florida, Sausage Dogs and! Open your mouth wide in shock as he slips in a full two sentences pimping Jokosher! You can also find […]

Free Geek Burgled

Free Geek is a not for profit community organisation that recycles old computer parts and equipment and supplies them to under-privileged people, schools, and non-profit organisations in exchange for community service. They install Linux on all the machines they distribute. Sadly, the Free Geek organization was recently the victim of burglary. The value of the […]

Weekly News #21 and 22 Double Feature

We have a double dose of news for you today, the older Ubuntu Weekly News #21, published last week on the 11th and the newer #22, hot off the press. First, lets take a look at Issue 21. This was a jumbo issue, covering the past two weeks, including: Ubuntu Developer Summit Mountain View gNewSense […]

Charity Auction of signed Ubuntu T-Shirt

The Ubuntu-UK team are holding a charity auction in aid of Children in Need. This is an annual charity drive in aid of disadvantaged children around the world. The item being auctioned is a Ubuntu t-shirt signed by Mark Shuttleworth, various Canonical staff and members of the Ubuntu-UK team. The auction is being held on […]