Monthly Archives: December 2011

New IRC Council

First off, on behalf of the Community Council, thanks to everyone who participated in voting on the nominees. The showing of support for the proposed candidates was very valuable. As a result of a majority of support for the proposed candidates and support from the CC, the IRC Council now consists of the following members: […]

Ubuntu 12.04 Development update

Development Update This will be the last development update of 2011, so let’s see where we stand in terms of 12.04. We are 10 weeks into the release cycle and have still 18 weeks to go. There is definitely still a lot left to be done, but the foundations for a great release have been […]

Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 246

Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter. This is issue #246 for the week December 12 – 18, 2011, and the full version is available here. In this Issue we cover: Ubuntu Precise Open for Translation Important notice regarding Java packages in Partner archive Iso Tracker Live and Available for Manual Testing of Ubuntu Flavor Images Ubuntu 12.04 […]

Ubuntu 12.04 Development update

Development Update With holidays and the end of the year coming up soon, there is still lots going on, but there is not much on the release cycle plan which concerns us. 12th January, which is still four weeks away, will mark Debian Import Freeze, which will be a first gentle reminder to start solidifying […]

Greg Grossmeier and Sergio Andrés Meneses appointed to the LoCo Council

Paul Tagliamonte has announced his intent to step down from the Ubuntu LoCo Council. The Ubuntu Community Council would like to thank Paul for serving on the the LoCo Council. We would also like welcome Greg Grossmeier the LoCo Council. Greg Grossmeier – Many thanks again to Paul and congratulations to Greg. Originally posted […]