Monthly Archives: February 2008

Full Circle Magazine Issue 10 Released

Full Circle – The Independent Ubuntu Community Magazine is proud to announce the release of issue ten containing: Linux Mint Install. How-To : Compile from Source, Install and use TuxPaint, Rip a DVD with AcidRip and Create Your Own Server Part 2. Review of the ASUS EEE PC running Xubuntu. Letters, Q&A, MyDesktop, Top5 and […]

Ubuntu Brainstorm Launched!

Today a new feedback site is launched at that will make it easier for users of Ubuntu to suggests ideas for improvements. Voting makes it clear which ideas have the most support in the user community and should be given priority. We have of course been inspired by the IdeaStorm site from our good […]

Kubuntu-KDE4 Alpha Released

Kubuntu has released an alpha for the Kubuntu-KDE4 CD. This will be released as part of 8.04 which will have a choice of commercially supported Kubuntu (KDE 3), or a community supported Kubuntu (KDE 4). We recommend the KDE 4 edition to those who want to try this exciting new desktop version and can put […]

Weekly Newsletter #79

The Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue 79 for the week February 17th – February 23rd, 2008 is now available. In this issue we cover the release of Hardy Alpha 5, Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex, Ubuntu Developer Week, newly approved LoCos and members, interview with the Ubuntu Server Product Manager, and, as always, much, much more! Hardy […]

Five a day

DIGG THIS AND SPREAD THE WORD! From Jono Bacon’s blog: “Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, I am pleased to announce a brand new initiative in the Ubuntu community that we have been working on for a little while, and one that has been alluded to by some members of our incredible community. It is […]