Monthly Archives: July 2007

USA-wide Approved LoCo's by the end of the year! Lets do it.

OK folks are you ready make something cool happen? Christer and co at the excellent USTeams Project are working hard to get an Ubuntu LoCo team in every state in the USA. Their specific goal is to have an approved team in every state by the end of the year. This goal is absolutely possible, […]

Weekly News: Issue #50

The Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue #50 for the week July 21st – July 27th, 2007 is now available. In this issue we cover Canonical seeking help with training courses, last call for Software Freedom Day registrations, a call to arms for US LoCo teams, new Drag & Drop Gnome tabs, new Launchpad features, and much […]

Ubucon 2007: First German-Speaking Ubuntu Conference

Do you want to join and meet great people who belong to the community that you love? Do you want to learn more about Ubuntu and other closely-related topics? Are you an interested user, advocate, translator, or kernel-hacker? The first German-speaking Ubuntu conference (called “ubucon”) will be held on October 20th and 21st at “Niederrhein […]

Ubuntu Weekly News: Issue #49

Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue #49 for the week July 15th – July 21st, 2007 is now available. In this issue we cover the release of Gutsy Tribe 3, Canonical's launch of training courses, the first Ubuntu conference in Germany, a State of the Union Summary of the Ubuntu US LoCo Teams, the release of Launchpad […]

Announcing DocuMENTORS – the Documentation Team Mentoring Programme

Have you ever wanted to contribute to Ubuntu, but don’t have the time to learn a programming language or aren’t multilingual enough to help with translations? Then look no further than DocuMENTORS! Writing documentation is a great way to get involved with the Ubuntu community – not only can you write help articles for millions […]