Announcing DocuMENTORS – the Documentation Team Mentoring Programme

Have you ever wanted to contribute to Ubuntu, but don’t have the time to learn a programming language or aren’t multilingual enough to help with translations? Then look no further than DocuMENTORS!

Writing documentation is a great way to get involved with the Ubuntu community – not only can you write help articles for millions of Ubuntu users worldwide, you’ll learn about DocBook, Subversion and a whole host of other tools used every day by members of the Free software community too.

The mentoring programme gives you access to existing members of the Ubuntu Documentation Team. Your mentor will help you to get started writing documentation and will be there to answer your questions and to guide you where necessary. We hope that after a few weeks of mentoring you’ll be confident enough writing DocBook to start sending patches in yourself, which will be made available as part of the system documentation in the upcoming Gutsy Gibbon release of Ubuntu.

What are you waiting for? The Doc Team needs you!

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