FAQs in Launchpad and more new features

Every project has frequently asked questions. Now, with the release of Launchpad 1.1.7, the Answer Tracker makes it easy to create and find answers to Ubuntu’s most common questions.

There are two ways to use FAQ in the Answer Tracker:

You’re looking for help: you can search and browse FAQ answers to find help with your problem.
You’re an Ubuntu answer contact: you can mark an answer as an FAQ and then create an answer that will be available to anyone else using the Answer Tracker.

The idea behind the FAQ feature is pretty simple: knowledge about Ubuntu is spread across the wiki, forums, third-party websites and the Answer Tracker. FAQ can draw on all that knowledge to offer Ubuntu users a canonical answer, at the same time as making life a little easier for answer contacts.

FAQ are available to all projects who use the Answer Tracker, not just Ubuntu. Find more about FAQ in the Answer Tracker in our FAQ quick-start guide!

Also in Launchpad 1.1.7

  • Larger font size: visit launchpad.net and you’ll see that we’ve increased the size of the text used on the site, making it easier to read Launchpad’s default text size.
  • New remote bug tracker support: Launchpad can now track bugs in the Mantis bug tracker. (Find out more)
  • Improved duplicate bug handling: if someone has already reported the bug you’ve encountered it’s now much easier to select that report rather than create a duplicate.
  • Teams can now set their default language: teams can become an answer contact for a specific language.
  • Branch associations: you can now see all bugs, blueprints and subscribers associated with a branch on its branch associations page.

For full details of Launchpad 1.1.7, take a look at the release notes. And keep an eye on the Launchpad News blog to stay up to date with Launchpad!

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