Monthly Archives: September 2011

Ubuntu 11.10 Development update

Ubuntu Development Update These are the days where the release team is awake for 24 hour per day. Every issue that comes up on their radar has to be evaluated and checked if it warrants re-spinning all the CD images, re-doing all the testing, or if it should go into a stable release update after […]

Ubuntu Font Family 0.80 released – with Ubuntu Mono

Hello all, Ubuntu Font Family version 0.80 has been released, download the .zip from: This is made available under the Ubuntu Font Licence 1.0, you are expressly encourage to share, modify and remix. Source code and licensing details can be found on the website above. Release notes and changelogs for this 0.80 release can […]

Ubuntu One now works on Windows!

It’s been a long time coming but today we are thrilled to tell you that the much anticipated Ubuntu One official client for Windows is now available for download. A question we get asked a lot is…..why an Ubuntu One Windows client? Well there are a few reasons: The most important is we listen to […]

Interview with Daniel Bray (Lupine)

In this interview Daniel Bray (Lupine) of the Ubuntu Florida LoCo Team explains how he was able to use Ubuntu instead of Microsoft to complete his college degree. In an era when almost all schools in the United States require that its students use either Microsoft or Mac based technical solutions, Bray finds a way […]

Interview with Stuart Langridge

In this interview with Strategic Architect for Ubuntu One, Stuart Langridge, I kick off the first of a series of articles about Ubuntu One. Today, we’ll learn a little more about Langridge and his involvement with Ubuntu One and a brief overview along with future plans for this personal cloud service. Naturally we can’t cover […]