Monthly Archives: December 2009

Call for votes: Ubuntu Developer Membership Board election

Voting has begun to determine who will hold the seats on the newly established Developer Membership Board, which is responsible for determining when, how and to whom to grant privileges related to Ubuntu development. In particular, the DMB will take over the membership functions previously held by the Technical Board and MOTU Council. More information […]

An Interview With Paultag

I have a feeling that not so many of you will have heard of Paultag, unless you’re on the Ubuntu Beginners Team, or the Ohio LoCo. But I’ve experienced Paul’s commitment to Ubuntu, and he’s always willing to help out…which is good, because I find myself asking him things surprisingly often He has some awesome […]

Results from the Edubuntu Council Elections

I’m delighted to announce the results of the Edubuntu Council Elections[0][1], the following nominees were all voted into the Council by the Edubuntu Members team: Stéphane Graber ( ) Jonathan Carter ( ) Richard Johnson ( ) Scott Balneaves ( ) Alkis Georgopoulos ( ) Jordan Erickson ( ) […]

New IRC Council Appointments

I'm very pleased to finally announce the following new members of the IRC Council, as selected by the Community Council based on feedback from the incumbent IRC Council and the IRC Community: Juha Siltala (topyli) Terence Simpson (tsimpson) Nathan Handler (nhandler) We in the Community Council wish to publicly thank the incumbent […]

Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter #173

Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue #173 for the week December 13th – December 19th, 2009 is available. In this issue we cover: * Mark Shuttleworth: My new focus at Canonical * Lucid Community Team Plans * Michal Zajac (quintasan) Interview * Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Notification * Ubuntu Stats * New update for the […]