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Unity Contributor Report: Ready for Beta 2 and Lenses API ready to go

The roll up to Beta two begins as the archive starts to get more and more frozen with Beta 2 Freeze tomorrow. We have one major announcement for the week, Neil Patel sends along that the Unity Lens API documentation is mostly ready for developer consumption and should be finished off soon. Neil has been […]

Unity Progress Report – Alt-Tab style

Welcome to another installment of the Unity report. This week sees the new alt-tab landing (which is currently bound to ctrl-tab), here’s what it looks like: Unity Contributor Activity This Week Andrea Azzarone just pushed tons of work for improving launcher device management. Andrea has added a ccsm option to show/hide external devices on launcher, […]

The Unity Report – Carving away the Stone

This is the Unity weekly report for 22 June. We’re sliding into the week before the Ubuntu Platform Rally in Dublin, Ireland, and after that we’re in Alpha-2 mode, so the team is getting a bunch of house cleaning out the way. In many ways, this should be the last super-boring Unity report as things […]

Qt apps on Ubuntu

As part of our planning for Natty+1, we’ll need to find some space on the CD for Qt libraries, and we will evaluate applications developed with Qt for inclusion on the CD and default install of Ubuntu. Ease of use, and effective integration, are key values in our user experience. We care that the applications […]

Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 219

Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter. This is Issue #219 for the week January 04- 17, 2011 and is available here. In this issue we cover: Council Updates. Translations Interviews: Daniel Nylander (Swedish Translation Team) Ubuntu Developer Interviews From the Ubuntu Rally, Dallas Texas Ubuntu now on Twitter Ubuntu User Days Making Ubuntu More Personal […]