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Application Review Board restaffing results

Hello everyone, The Application Review Board has been seeking new members for the past month and closed the nomination period on the 14th of January. Only a single nominee, Jonathan Carter, came out of this for the 3 seats that were available on the board. The usual procedure is for the Technical Board to setup […]

New Membership Board Members

Last month we put out a call to the community to restaff the Ubuntu Membership Boards and announced a change from region-based applications to time-based boards, see: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-news-team/2012-April/001548.html Thanks to all the great candidates we had for the restaffing! It’s never easy to select from great lists and candidates, but we do have limited spots […]

Membership Boards: Restaffing and Reorganization

On May 5th we will have a large number of Regional Membership Board members with terms expiring. The Community Council decided to take this opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of these regional membership boards and how it make sense to go about restaffing them. After several discussions, including those with sitting board members, we have […]