Joint Statement from the CC and KC

On 25 June 2015 the Ubuntu Community Council and Kubuntu Council members jointly issued this statement covering recent events:

After much public controversy, the Ubuntu Community Council and Kubuntu Council have met with Mark Shuttleworth and Jonathan Riddell to chart a path forward. Jonathan Riddell has removed his membership in ~kubuntu-council as the Community Council required, and the Fridge post has been removed as the Kubuntu Council requested. Provisions are being made to better handle cases where there is a potential conflict of interest for a member of the CC.

We have mutually agreed that KDE is important to Ubuntu, and the Kubuntu Council believes that Ubuntu is important to the KDE community as well. Therefore we have a basis to work together on putting out a lovely Wily release. We recognize that there are honest and strong feelings about both the things that led up to the current controversy and the way that resolution of it was handled. Despite that, we would all like to move forward as best we can for the betterment of the Ubuntu project, including Kubuntu.

The Kubuntu Council is pleased to see that process improvements have been made that will make issues like this easier to solve in the future should they recur and looks forward to a great Wily (15.10) release. The Community Council is likewise pleased be working with the Kubuntu Council to ensure that a KDE flavor of Ubuntu continues to be well supported by the community and Canonical.

—Originally posted to the ubuntu-community-team mailing list on 25 June 2015 at 14:35:37 UTC by Laura Czajkowski on behalf of the Kubuntu and Ubuntu Community Councils.

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