New Contributor Feedback – 12.10

Over the past development cycle, the Ubuntu Developer Advisory Team reached out to many new contributors. As part of that work, we solicited feedback about our development process. We have summarized this feedback in the attached report. It is our hope that it will help drive further discussion about our development processes, tools, and documentation in the lead up to UDS and over the course of the next cycle.

Attracting new developers and maintaining our welcoming environment for contributors is an important task for the project. We encourage both new contributors and existing developers to discuss your interpretations of the report as well as any other feedback you might want to share about your experience working on Ubuntu.

The full text is below. It is also available as a PDF.

Originally posted to the ubuntu-devel mailing list on Sun Nov 18 04:17:31 UTC 2012 by Vibhav Pant

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