Ubuntu on Air! for the final release

Just a quick reminder to all of you that our next Ubuntu on Air! session, “for the final release”,  is going to take place tomorrow, October 17th at 16:30 UTC. Guests will be:

  • Neil Patel – Technical Architect for Unity – Neil is no stranger to open source, before working on Unity Neil worked on things all over the GNOME-o-sphere, and even started AWN back in the day. Now he’s rocking on things like the guts of Unity and the technical direction of it.
  • Ivanka Majic – Canonical Designer – Ivanka currently leads the Canonical design team, and her job is to inspire them to produce great work, help Canonical understand how to include a design team in their processes and find ways of working with an incredibly energetic and talented community.

And, as always, your hosts will be Jorge Castro, Joey-Elijah Sneddon (OMG! Ubuntu!) and José Antonio Rey. Remember you can ask all your questions at www.ubuntuonair.com. The discussion plugin will be enabled one hour before the session, so stay tuned!

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