Ubuntu on Air!: Beta

Today, September the 24th, we will be having our second Ubuntu on Air! session, at 17 UTC. You can join as at www.ubuntuonair.com. We will be having:


  • Neil Patel – Technical Architect for Unity – Neil is no stranger to open source, before working on Unity Neil worked on things all over the GNOME-o-sphere, and even started AWN back in the day. Now he’s rocking on things like the guts of Unity and the technical direction of it.
  • Robert Carr – Software Engineeer – Robert’s team is working on Ubuntu Web Applications, which helps bring your favorite web applications like Gmail and Facebook to the desktop, with some integration at the operating system level.
  • Ken Van Dine – Ubuntu Desktop Team – While the Unity and Webapps teams write the software, someone needs to take all that stuff and put it into Ubuntu and connect it to all the other parts of the desktop, test it, make sure it works, and then ensure that it’s rocking. Ken has been integrating things on the Ubuntu desktop for years now, and is now the maintainer for Gwibber.
  • Ivanka Majic – Designer


  • Joey Sneddon – OMG! Ubuntu!

And as always, your hosts will be Jorge Castro, Benjamin Kerensa and José Antonio Rey.

We hope to see you there!

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