Ubuntu Forums – Staff Team Changes

We’ve had a bit of a change of personnel on the forums with the staff team.

New additions to the Forum Council:

Bodhi.Zazen and Overdrank have both stepped down from the Forum Council and I would like to thank them for the time, energy and effort they both put into the role. I have learned a lot from both of them. I think the biggest thing I gained was from Bodhi, and it was about being ‘more human’ and trying to have a positive outlook. The world isn’t as bleak as I use to think it was, so thank you.

We’ve also had a shuffle with the moderators on the forum and I would like to welcome:

A few of the moderators have also stepped down, so I would like to wish them well and thank them for the service to the community they have given.

Originally posted here by s.fox on August 23, 2012

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2 Responses to “Ubuntu Forums – Staff Team Changes”

  1. Satyam M. Says:

    How do Ubuntu staff earn money when everything they offer is FREE? Their OS is free, softwares they provide/recommend are free..so how they earn money?

  2. pleia2 Says:

    These staff members are unpaid volunteers.

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