Ask Mark, Wednesday, 23 November, 1500UTC

Every Ubuntu Open Week we have a session called “Ask Mark”, where Mark Shuttleworth answers questions from the community in IRC.

Due to scheduling conflicts this didn’t happen last Open Week, so we’re holding a special standalone event on IRC where people can ask Mark questions.

Ask Mark will take place in #ubuntu-classroom at 1500UTC on Freenode. You’ll need to join that channel, and #ubuntu-classroom-chat, where you will ask questions, which will then get passed onto a bot and onto Mark.

Some tips for asking questions:

  • Mark operates at a macro level of the project, so questions like “How do I get Flash to work?” or “Why did you pick this specific version of the kernel to ship in 11.10” he’s likely to not know the answer to that. So unless you want a “Go ask the person who runs that team” answer try to ask questions about Ubuntu at a higher level than asking about plumbing.
  • Make your question count – put some thought into it, plenty of people will be asking good questions, so don’t waste an opportunity by asking something like “Where can I download 11.10?”
  • Here are the archives of the past sessions if you want to see what has been asked before if you want an answer.
  • It can get chaotic with the amount of people asking questions, so please be patient.

Here’s the classroom wiki page with information on how to participate if you need more detail. Hope to see you there!

Originally posted here by Jorge Castro on Tuesday, November 15, 2011

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