New ISO images available : Lubuntu

New images have pop up on Finally, Lubuntu is out of the Ubuntu factory 🙂 (It’s still young images, which for now, are oversized, don’t load the desktop session, and have wrong splash images .. they should be better in the future)

For people who don’t know Lubuntu, this is a quick presentation. Lubuntu is a distribution based on Ubuntu, and the LXDE desktop environment. The main goal is to provide a very lightweight distribution, but with all the advantages of the Ubuntu world (repositories, support …). Currently we are using :

  • Chromium for the browser
  • Openbox for the windows manager
  • Pcmanfm for the file manager
  • Abiword + Gnumeric for office work
  • Pidgin for IM
  • Audacious for playing music
  • Gnome-mplayer for videos
  • Some GNOME components : evince, file-roller, gnome-keyring
  • Most of the LXDE components

You can find the complete list of applications by default on the wiki.

After 2 years of work, and 3 "unofficial" releases (10.04, 10.10 and 11.04), we had recently an official go from the Technical Board and ISO images are now made like other Ubuntu flavors. I hope the 11.10 will be the 1st official release of Lubuntu as a member of the Ubuntu family 🙂

We have 2 important particularities. Like Xubuntu, we use another GTK-based desktop environment than GNOME, and we try to avoid unnecessary GNOME depends which could slow the system. We need some GNOME parts because LXDE doesn’t provide all necessary components. It’s the reason why we are very careful about dependencies of those applications.

We are also very strict with ressources requirement. It’s the reason why we don’t include all Ubuntu specific applications. For example, we don’t include Software-Center because it’s still a bit heavy for some of our targets.

I would like to thanks all people who make this happen, especially Mark, Colin and Emmet, and all people involved in the development of Lubuntu and LXDE.

If you want to talk to the Lubuntu community, you can use our mailing list (lubuntu-desktop at or IRC : #lubuntu on freenode. You can also find information on our wiki.

Originally sent to the ubuntu-devel mailing list by Julien Lavergne on Tue Jul 26 21:52:46 UTC 2011

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3 Responses to “New ISO images available : Lubuntu”

  1. Janne Says:

    Hm, Abiword. Still has no support for writing in CJK languages I believe (last time I looked it was completely broken). I guess as long as LibreOffice is in the repositories it’s not too bad.

  2. istok Says:

    lol does the new iso image also drop to command instead of starting X like the previous one? you’ve infested a whole lot of spins with this bug in live cd. you’re not very serious, are you.

  3. jorma Says:

    I love they way Lubuntu 11.04 refreshed my IBM X20 (originally Windows 98, then Ubuntu 9.04). Great work!

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