Get ready for Ubuntu Developer Week

Ubuntu Developer Week

Get ready for Ubuntu Developer Week from Monday, 11th July to Friday, 15th July. We will have one full week of online IRC sessions which will introduce you to Ubuntu Development and hacking on Ubuntu-related projects. Sometimes these sessions will take the form of Q&A sessions, sometimes of presentations and sometimes hands-on workshops.

Here’s the links for the impatient:

A lot of developers readily agreed to give sessions, so we have a wide variety of sessions this time around:

  • Packaging-related: Intro to Ubuntu development, specific packaging sessions: Mono, Python, Java, collaboration with Debian, fixing ARM build failures.
  • Project demos: Desktop Team Q&A, hacking on Launchpad, dotdee, Upstart, nux, hacking on compiz, hacking on Ubuntu websites, Lubuntu development, project lightning talks.
  • QA-related sessions: working with apport-reported bugs, debugging the kernel, intro to LAVA, how to triage bugs.
  • hacking sessions: porting to gobject introspection, making use of Launchpad translations, app creation with QML, writing Ensemble formulas.

As you can see: there will be something for everybody and we will have a great time.

If the times should be bad for you, don’t worry – there will be logs of the sessions made available afterwards. It’s only one week left to go, so please do us a favour and tell your friends! If you always wanted to learn something new, meet great people and start helping interesting projects, now is the perfect time: UDW is for you!

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