Ubuntu Open Week: May 2-6 2011





Ubuntu Open Week will take place this week—May 2 -6 2011— from 14:00 UTC to 18:00 UTC daily.

What is Ubuntu Open Week:

Ubuntu Open Week is a series of online workshops where you can:

  • learn about the Ubuntu landscape
  • talk to some of the key developers from the Ubuntu project
  • find out about the Community and its relationship with Canonical
  • participate in an open Q&A with Mark Shuttleworth, the founder of Ubuntu


Below is the Ubuntu Open Week Schedule:


2 May

3 May

4 May

5 May

6 May

14.00 UTC

Introduction – Jorge Castro

Getting Started Translating Ubuntu – David Planella

Ask Mark – Mark Shuttleworth

Using Ask Ubuntu – Marco Ceppi

Getting involved via the Beginners Team – Jessica Ledbetter

15.00 UTC

Putting Your Head in the Cloud – Ubuntu Cloud Q and A Session – kim0

Having fun with Ubuntu Testing – Paolo Sammicheli

Making a Poster to Spread Ubuntu – Martin Owens

Your Desktop Oughta be in Pictures – Duane Hinnen

Intro to Ubuntu Studio – Scott Lavender

16.00 UTC

Involving in ubuntu development/packaging and kickstarting your box for ubuntu development/packaging – Bhavani Shankar

Ubuntu and Amateur (Ham) Radio – Steve Conklin AI4QR, and Kamal Mostafa KA6MAL

Conquering the Command Line for Beginners – mhall119

Introduction to Kubuntu – Valorie Zimmermann

Getting Started with gnucash – Cheri Francis and Leigh Honeywell

17.00 UTC

Introduction to Unity – Jorge Castro

u1 is awesome – Shane Fagan

Introduction to AppArmorJohn Johansen

Documentation is a big place: Learn how you can contribute to Ubuntu documentation – Jim Campbell

Introduction to Audacity – Carla Schroder

How to participate:

To participate in Ubuntu Open Week you will need to join #ubuntu-classroom and #ubuntu-classroom-chat on irc.freenode.net using the irc client of your choice.  There is also a webchat option available for those who would like to participate using the web rather than installing and configuring an IRC client.

Each session is presented in the #ubuntu-classroom channel, while questions are posted in the #ubuntu-classroom-chat channel.  All questions should begin with “QUESTION:” so the classroom bot can identify them.

Most sessions last for around an hour. Contact the #ubuntu-classroom-backstage channel on IRC if you have any problems.

More information on Ubuntu Open Week can be found on the wiki.

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