Monthly Archives: March 2011

Ubuntu Cloud Days

Welcome to Ubuntu Cloud Days! Welcome to the very first dedicated Ubuntu Cloud Days event from March 23rd 2011 to March 24th 2011! With faster on-demand resources, and a flexible usage and payment model, Cloud computing is changing the face of IT! Ubuntu Server is arguably the most popular Cloud based Operating System with millions […]

Ubuntu Global Jam: More Events, More Needed!

A great method of building our community up is to get people together face-to-face to work together, develop social bonds, and have fun. We see this at every Ubuntu Developer Summit; when we get contributors together, it helps seal a sense of camaraderie as we work and play together. All of this helps unite us […] Upgrade Update

Dozens of teams use daily for their projects, and if you’re one of those projects you’ve no doubt encountered slowness and errors when saving pages with increasing frequency these past few months. Well, there is good news! There is a team working on it and they are making progress. Charlie Schluting of Canonical has […]

Ubuntu is the readers’ choice

Last Thursday I had the honour of accepting the “Linux New Media Award 2011″ in the category “Reader’s Choice – Favorite Linux” . Linux New Media is an international publisher of Linux magazines and has been giving out these awards for a number of years now. This year included a new category in which the […]