Upgrade Update

Dozens of teams use daily for their projects, and if you’re one of those projects you’ve no doubt encountered slowness and errors when saving pages with increasing frequency these past few months.

Well, there is good news! There is a team working on it and they are making progress. Charlie Schluting of Canonical has passed along the following updates to the Ubuntu Community Council this week:

“Our latest attempt to upgrade met with yet another openid bug/problem (python errors due to incompatibility with the latest moin). I’m talking to the maintainer (it’s an internal plugin) about it, and hope to have an ETA on the fix to report soon.”


“An update: we have developers dedicated to fixing this, starting next week. We’re currently estimating it’s 2 weeks of work. Afterward, we will attempt another test-upgrade!”

Thanks to Charlie and the team for putting so much work into this. The wiki is a vital resource for the community and I’m really looking forward to seeing the upgrade and performance boost that comes with it.

Originally posted here by Elizabeth Krumbach Wednesday, 9 March 2011

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  1. sanjul lalwani Says:

    I am glad to use ubuntu.its awesome
    I just want to say that ubuntu can be better more by improving visual effects and graphics.

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