Ubuntu LoCo Team Directory Updates

The LoCo Directory Developers have been hard at work in the past few weeks and this morning pushed out a new release of the LoCo Team Directory. One of the major changes in the new version of the LoCo Team Directory is that local times are finally displayed on event pages thanks to Michael Hall. The time zone displayed is based upon the time zone specified for the venue that is used. For example, if the venue you are using for your event is in Orlando, Florida, you would need to set the time zone for the venue to US/Eastern and the event will display the time in EST. To make this work though, all venues that are currently in the LoCo Team Directory need to be updated to reflect their correct time zone.

There were many other bugs fixed in this release which you can view in Launchpad. Another big feature is that you can “turn off” registration to an event in the LoCo Team Directory for instances where registration is being handled elsewhere and providing a link to that registration site. We have also fixed the search function on the LoCo Team Directory which is now a site-wide search.

Something else that I wanted to mention is that there is now a mailing list specifically for discussion about the LoCo Team Directory. You can sign up for the mailing list and join the discussions by sending an email to loco-directory at lists.ubuntu.com.

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