Main frozen for Alpha 2

Two days out from the expected release of Maverick Alpha 2, the milestone freeze is now in effect. Please take care that any packages that you upload to main between now and the Alpha 2 release will help us in the goal of a high quality and timely alpha, and hold any disruptive or unnecessary uploads until after the alpha is out. Again, this means the primary focus should be on resolving these bugs:

As always, there’s also plenty of other work to be done in getting the archive in a consistent state so that we don’t have uninstallable packages for the alpha-2 milestone:

Remember that this is a “soft” freeze, so you are each responsible for making sure your uploads are appropriate – Launchpad will not be your safety net.

Packages that are not seeded on the CDs (i.e., most packages in universe, with the exception of Ubuntu Studio, Xubuntu, and Mythbuntu packages) may be uploaded as usual.

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Originally sent to the Ubuntu Devel Announce Mailing List by Colin Watson on Tue Jun 29 11:23:48 BST 2010

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