Postponing Ubuntu User Days

With the second Ubuntu User Day being less than a week away, and in going over our final checklist, it has come to our attention it would be a better event, both in attendance and in the choice of session if we were to postpone this event.

While we understand that you may have scheduled time on the June 5th, 2010, to facilitate a session or participate by attending we want the experience of both session leaders and participants to be the best possible.

Keeping in mind we want to present the best possible learning opportunity, we have made the decision to postpone this event until July 10, 2010.

It is our, the User Days Planners, sincere hope that this will not be an inconvenience to you or any helpers with your session.

Thank you so much for you understanding! We are looking forward to another great second Ubuntu User Day (but a few weeks later and with more planning, promotion, participants, and more awesome session leaders like yourselves).

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Originally posted to the ubuntu-classroom mailing list

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