New Ubuntu Regional Membership Boards

It’s been two years since we introduced the Regional Membership Boards and since then they have done a fantastic job recognising the contributions of new Ubuntu members.

The term of most board members in the Americas, Asia/Oceania and EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) ended yesterday and the Community Council asked for nominations.

Here are the new members of the Membership Boards:

– Greg Grossmeier (still on board)
– Martin Albisetti (still on board)
– Nick Ali (still on board)
– Elizabeth Krumbach
– Belinda Lopez
– Nathan Handler
– Duda Nogueira
– Mackenzie Morgan

– Zhengpeng Hou (still on board)
– Matthew Lye
– Khairul Aizat Kamarudzzaman
– amachu: ?. ???? ???????
– Robert Collins
– Emmet Hikory
– Muhammad Takdir
– Melissa Draper

– Jonathan Carter (still on board)
– Laura Czajkowski
– Alan Pope
– Dennis Kaarsemaker
– St├ęphane Graber
– Oliver Grawert
– David Rubin

Congratulations to everybody who made it on board and thanks a lot to everybody who put hard work into keeping the Regional Membership Boards up and running.

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