New operators appointed on #ubuntu, #ubuntu-offtopic and #kubuntu

The IRC Council has chosen a number of new operators for the #ubuntu, #ubuntu-offtopic and #kubuntu channels. This is the result of our first round of the new operator recruitment process based on Launchpad teams. We are pleased to find that the process works smoothly. Great candidates showed up, and the Council were technically well enabled to do our part of the job.

  • The new members of the #ubuntu operator team will be Anthony Hook (h00k), Giovanni Chiazzese (IdleOne), Mackenzie Morgan (maco) and Nathan Handler (nhandler).
  • The new members of the #ubuntu-offtopic team will be Anthony Hook (h00k) and Matt Wheeler (funkyHat).
  • The new member of the #kubuntu team will be Ralph Janke (txwikinger).

Welcome, new members! Big thanks to all the applicants. we were forced to turn down a few good candidates, and wish they will apply again when more operators are needed.

The new members will be soon formally accepted through Launchpad. The new operators will now enter a probation period and assigned a mentor, as described on . Mentors will soon contact the new operators and establish communication to ensure smooth entrance into the team and their new duties.

Thanks again to all who offered to help as operators!

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Originally sent to the ubuntu-irc Mailing List by Juha Siltala on Fri Apr 16 11:49:09 BST 2010

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