Call for comments on IRCC nominees

The following list of candidates applied for the three positions within the IRC Council:

Melissa Draper (elky)
Marek Spruell (nalioth)
Steve Stalcup (vorian)
Kurt von Finck (mneptok)
Juha Siltala (topyli)
Michael Lustfield (MTecknology)
Nicolas Valcarcel (Nxvl)
Nathan Handler (nhandler)
Terence Simpson (tsimpson) and

The incumbent IRCC has given input and we are now inviting comments on these applicants from the community. Please either send comments to this list, add them to an IRCC testimonial section on their wiki page or sent directly to the Community Council.

Please send in any comments by Friday, December 18th as we’d like to move forward with new council selection within the next week or so.

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Originally sent to the ubuntu-irc mailing list by Elizabeth Krumbach Tue Dec 15 15:14:36 GMT 2009

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