10 Rocking Features in 10 Days: Day 3: Sharing your computer with Fast User Switching

Yesterday we took a look at all the handy new features of X in Ubuntu 7.10 and today we turn to Fast User Switching which allows you to easily share your computer with others

What is Fast User Switching?

Having different people access your computer using separate user accounts is one way to keep your computer safer. It’s convenient too because different people’s settings can be stored separately. But if you find it annoying to have to keep logging off and logging in all the time to switch user, then Fast User Switching is the feature for you!

In a nutshell, Fast User Switching allows multiple users to switch quickly while staying logged in.

So how do I use it?

Well, first you need at least one other user on your computers. If you are uncertain about how to do that, please refer to this excellent wikipage on it or for the more visually inclined, there is a screencast (which also covers how to switch new users).

Once you have your users, it is pretty simple. On the upper panel, click on your name and you will see a list like this:

Choose the other user and you will get to a login screen. When they are done and logout, you are back to your screensaver. Unlock the screen and you are back on your desktop. It is that easy.

And yes, tomorrow, we will cover Desktop Effects with Compiz Fusion, as promised. Until then!

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