New bug statuses and more in Launchpad 1.1.6

One of the agenda items at UDS Sevilla was to improve the efficiency of Ubuntu’s bug workflow. If you work with Ubuntu bugs, you may already have noticed that some of the bug status names have changed:

  • New: was Unconfirmed
  • Incomplete: was Needs Info
  • Invalid: was Rejected.

The meaning of these statuses hasn’t changed. However, there are two new bug statuses:

  • Triaged: this bug has a complete report, has been confirmed and is ready to be fixed.
  • Won’t Fix: this bug has been confirmed but, for whatever reason, won’t be fixed.

These two new statuses are available only to either a project’s owners or members of its Bug Contact team. So, in Ubuntu’s case it’s available to members of the Ubuntu Drivers and Ubuntu Bugs teams. This means that developers can view the Triaged queue knowing that an experienced triager considers those bug reports complete.

The Confirmed status still works, though, so it’s down to each project’s bug workflow policy to decide whether to use Triaged and Won’t Fix.

More people can nominate bugs

To relieve the bottle-neck caused by Ubuntu drivers being the only people able to nominate bugs for release, now anyone with the relevant upload permissions for a component can also nominate bugs in that component. For example: if a developer has upload permissions for universe, she can also nominate universe bugs for release.

Other highlights for the Ubuntu community

  • Answer contacts will now receive notification of new questions in their preferred languages only.
  • Team members can now renew their own memberships, when their membership is close to expiry if the team is set-up with an on-demand policy.
  • Teams can now only join other teams with the approval of the first team’s administrator.
  • It is now possible to see how many and which translations diverge from upstream.

Find out more

There’s plenty more to Launchpad 1.1.6, including the fabulous new Launchpad News blog! You can find the full release notes on the launchpad-users mailing list.

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