UW meet-up day !

UW, aka the Ubuntu-Women project is a group of women (and men) who encourage women to contribute and volunteer in the Ubuntu-Linux community. If you have always wanted to actually contribute something to the free software community but never knew where to start or how to get involved in an existing project, then ask the UW team, who will gladly assist you with more information about our community, its projects and other cool stuff about Ubuntu.

They are having an open “meet-up day” to be held on Thursday, January 11, 2007 on IRC at the #ubuntu-women channel on irc.freenode.net. Be there to exchange ideas with other like-minded technically inclined women in the Ubuntu community. Please note that this event is not restricted on the basis of gender and everyone is welcome to join us.

Currently there are two scheduled sessions to try to cover various timezones and Elizabeth Bevilacqua is going to conduct a course : an introduction to IRC, for newer folks interested in learning to use Internet Relay Chat.

Check your timezones at the Ubuntu mailing list archives or at the Ubuntuforums thread where you can discuss or post any comments.

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