Edging into the Classroom: Edubuntu 6.10 released today!

Richard Weideman along with lead developer Oliver Grawert and the Edubuntu and Linux Terminal Server teams have announced the release of Edubuntu 6.10, code-named the Edgy Eft.

Edubuntu out now!

Edubuntu combines the power of the Ubuntu core system with the best software for the job from the GNOME and KDE worlds. For efficient, affordable computing, Edubuntu is designed to work out of the box across many Thin Client computers using the LTSP (Linux Terminal Services Project).

  • KDEedu 3.5.5: software including KStars, KGeography and KTurtle
  • Gcompris 7.4: around 50 activities, including Tangram, Mosic and memory games.
  • Schooltool 0.11: The Shuttleworth Foundation sponsored management and adminstration support system, including the SchoolBell calendaring solution.
  • Tux4kids: even more high quality, freely-usable education software.
  • Firefox 2.0: safer and more secure browsing for everyone.
  • Evolution 2.8.0: a familiar email interface on the power of Edubuntu, now with vertical panes for email viewing.
  • Student Control Panel: unified, powerful teacher management tool for the Edubuntu and LTSP experience.
  • Local device support: LTSP-5 support for transparently accessing local iPods, digital cameras, USB and CD-rom storage attached to an individual client computers, even when the software is running on a central server.

Edubuntu remains 100% Free Software, ensuring that everyone is free to use and share Edubuntu without costly licensing fees.

Download Edubuntu today and help everyone to learn.

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