Ubuntu update is 'Edgy' on boot speed

Zdnet Australia have noticed that Thursday 26th will be Release Day for Ubuntu 6.10. The version has been code-named Edgy Eft and follows the naming scheme of previous releases, where by the current year and month form the version number. Included in the article are a run-down of features, with the opening paragraphs dedicated to the init-replacement named upstart.

The full story includes a feature list covering the web browser and included tools:

Edgy Eft also comes with the newest version 2.6 [sic] of the Gnome graphical user interface; fans of the KDE alternative can use a variant called Kubuntu.

The new Linux product also includes Firefox 2.0, released Wednesday, and two applications that use Novell’s Mono software foundation: Tomboy, for taking notes, and F-Spot, for sorting, tagging and uploading photos. It also includes version 2.8 of the Evolution e-mail software.

The report notes that our friends over at the Fedora Project made their latest Core 6 release less than 48hours ago. Grab a peek at the full report for all their coverage.

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