Where do all the old Microserfs go?

Where do you want to go after you leave?

Here at Fridge central we got a tip off that the Microsoft Alumni Network (aka MSA) has an interesting logo. We found out that the MSA organisation “is a network comprised of approximately 12,000 former Microsoft employees.”.

Well, there you go, if you’ve ever worked for Microsoft and left, you’re probably on the address list of the MSA.

Ex-Microsoft employees from the early days have occasionally been known as Microserfs and there’s even a book by Douglas Coupland with at least two different covers available. The book details in a lighthearted way how it “might” have been like to work for Microsoft in the early heady days of times gone by.

All of that background information got us thinking about the Alumni Network logo, currently in use. The circular MSA logo has a very familiar colour palette of browns and contains a very familiar layout involving three individuals holding hands from above. Perhaps the designer of the image knew something about where all of those ex-Microsoft employees might have gone to—and what operating system they might be running now!

What do you think? Perhaps you might even know an ex-Microserf running Ubuntu, or even a present employee still working at Microsoft who likes to use their iPod or Ubuntu box afterhours…

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