Launchpad news – Edgy translations now open in Rosetta

It’s been a busy three weeks for Launchpad! The latest Launchpad news is available at:

Highlights include:

  • Bug tracking: new features include three new filtering options.
  • Translations: Edgy translations have now opened in Rosetta, based on a billion uploaded templates and translations!
  • Translations: Rosetta now records the name of the most recent person to update a translated string, making reviews and feedback much easier.
  • Support: Improved searching and sorting of support tickets, one of the top requested features for the support tracker.
  • Support: New support requests now go through a guided process, which first tries to locate similar reports—avoiding duplicates and helping users get their answers faster.
  • Other news: The official URL for the Blueprint specification tracker has been changed to

Don’t forget that the launchpad-users mailing list which is shared between developers and users of Launchpad, you can sign-up at:

Come and help the team define what Launchpad should become!

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