Future Ubunteros swamp expo booth!

Joe ‘Zonker’ Brockmeier over at Newsforge has been covering the current events at LinuxWorld San Francisco during this week. Today they ran an article that doesn’t surprise me one bit:

Many of the .Org booths, the Ubuntu booth in particular, seem to be swamped, while others have only a few attendees dropping by at a time.

Thank you to everyone who made it to the stand (we hope you found what you wanted) and a special warm thanks to all of the Ubunteros who have been running the booth. The complete article is posted on Newsforge for those interested in reading more.

For those wondering, an Ubuntero is an Ubuntu user who has read, agreed to, and signed the Ubuntu Code of Conduct. You too can became an Ubuntero and help out the Ubuntu community, head on over to the Ubuntu Community Participation page now to get started!

The expo comes to an end today, so check back here for more news and information about LinuxWorld and the Ubuntu coverage!

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