Localisation Team Leader and Sound Designer required

The Ubuntu project has two exciting volunteer opportunities!

Localisation/Translation Team Leader

If you’re a whizz with Launchpad’s Rosetta translation tool, enjoy making sure things get done and have experience with localisation, get yourself to the next Community Council meeting.

If you’re the right person for the role, you’ll be keeping in touch with translation teams and coordinating with the Rosetta and language pack development teams. If you’re up to the job, step up at the next Community Council meeting.

Sound designer

The Ubuntu Art Team is looking for a sound designer. The rich log-in and event sounds are as much a part of Ubuntu’s human-friendly appeal, as its warm colours and easy to use interface.

If you can create meaning in a snatch of sound, without it becoming irritating, read more in Troy Sobotka’s post to the Art Team’s mailing list.

As an aside, prog-rock hero Robert Fripp has developed Windows Vista’s sound environment. Let’s hope he didn’t go for a twenty minute drum solo at start-up.

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