Creation of the Desktop Team

Daniel Holbach announced today the creation of the Desktop Team with this message:

Hi everybody,

Nearly half a year we began the work on Breezy Badger and we wanted to create the breeziest, coolest Desktop environment there is. The release is very highly anticipated, people loved the preview and we will succeed: we’ll meet the goals of

  • user-friendlyness
  • out-of-the-box workabilty
  • flash factor
  • and many surprising things more.

However, Breezy needs your help. We need to polish and fix up the last bits to give our users the Ubuntu Linux experience they deserve.

Therefore we announce the “Desktop Team” – we will be the guys that are the first contact for new users, we will create, beautify and organise the most-visible parts of Ubuntu. If you always had a strong liking for GNOME, for how desktop things are done or you are in touch with the GNOME world, we desperately need you.

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