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Ubuntu Women World Play Day Competition!

Following the success of our International Women’s Day competition we have a new competition! Firstly, some introductory reading for those who are not familiar with World Play Day: http://www.itla-toylibraries.org/wpdv.htm which is an initiative of http://www.itla-toylibraries.org A pivotal issue within computing cultures of today is the overemphasis on boys and men as the primary consumers of […]

Interview with Amber Graner

Penelope Stowe: Please tell us a little about yourself. Amber Graner: First, thanks for asking me to do the interview. I have to say I am usually the one on the other side asking the questions so this is fun twist. I am an Ubuntu user advocate, active Ubuntu community member, Ubuntu User Magazine Blogger […]

1st Annual Ubuntu Women Project "How I discovered Ubuntu." International Women's Day Competition Winners announced

March 8, 2010 – 1st Annual Ubuntu Women Project "How I discovered Ubuntu." International Women’s Day Competition The Competition which was announced back in January, asked women and girls who use Ubuntu to submit their "How I discovered Ubuntu" stories. We as a Project acknowledge that there is no one definite answer to "How do […]

Interview with Emma Jane Hogbin

Amber Graner: Today we talk to Emma Jane Hogbin, Technical Author, HiCKTech creator, Drupal Guru, Ubuntu Member and the list goes on. Before I want to say thank you for taking the time to tell us about your journey into the Ubuntu Project. Emma can you tell us a little about when and how you […]

International Women's Day Vote

Back in January some of the Ubuntu Women members launched a competition to gather stories about women and girls discovering Ubuntu. The aim of the competition was to counteract the invisibility of women and girls in the community and demonstrate that their path is really no different than any other. Entries for this competition closed […]