Monthly Archives: February 2006

Breezy at 2Gbit/s

Ever wondered what it takes to host an Ubuntu mirror? Well, here’s an update from our Swedish friends at UMU’s Academic Computer Club. They operate one of our biggest mirrors, and have the numbers and pretty graphs to show for it: The 42TB total network traffic over the week around the Breezy release shown in […]

Week Long Hackfest Ends …

Jane brings us one last report of the “distro sprint” in London, UK, which concluded this past week. As you can see from her past reports, much work was accomplished by the core team this week. Expect to see a great deal of these improvements in the next development snapshot, which has yet to be […]

(Even) More Development Updates

The core team continues to drive development of Ubuntu forward, as Jane continues to keep us updated on the work being done in London. Summaries for Day 4 and Day 5 have been posted, as well as a video of Scott James Remnant's presentation on the kernel, titled New World Order. (Yes, that is a […]

Sprinting to the Dapper Drake

This week the core team has been working out of the Novotel London Excel Hotel, in London, UK, to crank out feature goals for the next release of Ubuntu, version 6.04, aka “Dapper Drake”. Known as a “sprint”, this meeting is decidedly boring from an outsider perspective; no fancy presentations, meetings, or fanfare, just a […]